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We all want the best for our children.

Education is rarely high on the list of financial planning priorities, even though the costs of a good university education can be very high. Over 70% of parents pay for education fees from current earnings or short-term savings. This strain on day to day finances can be avoided by thoughtful and proactive financial planning.


We offer a range of simple, cost-effective and flexible education fees savings schemes from the leading product providers. As an independent brokerage we are able to identify and recommend the most cost effective and appropriate solution for each client's circumstances, objectives, budget and risk profile.


The actual amount of capital that you will need to accumulate for education fees will depend on various factors, such as where in the world the children will attend school or university and how much the fees will be when the time comes.


Please see our guide to the current university fees in Mexico.....


Eugenio and Tanya have a 2 year old daughter, Roxana. They have discussed Roxana's future education needs and have decided that now is the right time to begin planning.

They meet with one of our qualified consultants. During the meeting they discuss the quality of university that they would like Roxana to attend and the associated costs.

Our consultant shows Eugenio and Tanya the likely increase in university costs over the coming years due to inflation in order to give them a realistic target.

They then select an education option that best suits their needs and an amount that they feel comfortable saving each month.

To run alongside their education plan, Eugenio and Tanya also decide to start a life insurance policy. This provides them with the security that should something ever happen to one of them, the necessary funds will be available to fund Roxanas' education.




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