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Independent financial advice. Wherever you are.



• Our investment solutions are easy to set up and maintain and provide access to a wide range of investment funds to suit every risk and currency profile. From low-risk bank deposit alternatives to speculative investments in emerging economies and sectors.
Creating and maintaining the right investment strategy plays an important part in securing your financial future.


• We offer a range of simple, cost-effective, and flexible education fee savings schemes from the leading product providers. As an independent brokerage, we can identify and recommend the most cost-effective and appropriate solution for each client's circumstances, objectives, budget, and risk profile.

Life Insurance

• Life insurance helps provide some financial security in the event of the unthinkable. With each payment, you know you're helping to protect your family with a way to help cover medical bills, funeral costs, mortgage or rent, college tuition, and many other living expenses. That's peace of mind for you knowing that you've provided for them regardless of what happens.


• Wherever you live and work, saving for a comfortable and prosperous retirement should be top of your key financial planning list. A flexible retirement savings plan can help you accumulate long-term capital and provide a worthwhile return while you save.

• Schemes are available from as little as $2000mxn per month.

• Rising bonuses and discounts for higher regular investments

• Tax-free growth and secure investor protection legislation

• Premiums can be increased, decreased, paused, or stopped*

• Premiums can be paid in different currencies

• Flexible Premiums payment terms.


• Our international healthcare plans automatically cover you and your family for medical expenses and evacuation costs. If you opt for the "Global Travel plan" option, you'll also benefit from all the usual cancellations, baggage, and other benefits you'd expect from an annual travel insurance plan.

Regular Savings

 Whether you dream of owning your own house or a business or you simply want to be prepared for the future.

These accounts are designed for people who want to save on a regular basis.

You need to deposit a small consistent amount into your account and in return can get a higher interest than you would in a regular account.


• International Banking
Wherever you live, international banking allows you to grow and protect your money in an economically stable and central location. You can keep your money in one place while you move around the world.

International banking also makes it easier for you to manage your finances in multiple currencies across different countries.

Estate Planning

. Research suggests that more than two-thirds of people don’t have a Will. Many people believe they are either too young to write a Will or that it’s too expensive or they don’t have enough money or property to make writing a Will worthwhile.


The truth is that dying without a Will can make what is already a difficult time a lot harder for your family. By writing a Will, you leave your loved ones clear instructions on your wishes, from who will receive specific items to the kind of funeral you would like. Wills can also be used for tax planning and to protect your assets for future generations and from being used to pay nursing home fees.

What Our Clients Say

Working at home

Lawrence Porter

"I have been working with International Advisor for 3 years now. During that time I have been very impressed with the service and the advice I have received. I would recommend International Advisor to anybody that needs financial advice and help in getting their personal finances in order."
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